It's a lifestyle, baby!

Wood Living is a design firm that was established in Milan in 2019 by Stefano and Andrea Aschieri. The firm is dedicated to exploring how the spaces we live in interact with the products that surround us, enhancing everyday experiences.


Specializing in the design and production of wooden household items, Wood Living offers collections that include kitchen accessories designed for those who appreciate the joy found in small, daily actions.

  • Made in Italy

    Crafted with Italian elegance, our products boast superior quality and authenticity, embodying the finest woodworking traditions

  • Sustainability

    Our commitment to the planet is reflected in every piece, using sustainably sourced wood and eco-friendly practices for a greener home.

  • Customization

    Personalize your space with our bespoke service, tailoring designs to fit your style and needs for truly unique, crafted solutions.

Our products are the result of collaborations with both emerging and well-established designers and are crafted in partnership with small-scale artisans located throughout the country, ensuring high-quality, unique pieces that bring both function and beauty to any home.